Monday, December 05, 2016

I am lazily entertaining the idea of writing a (slightly trolling) article which would use Russian fairy tales as a proof that the Singularity has already come and gone. Koschei the Immortal was a remotely-controlled cyborg [obviously, the needle in the well-hidden egg was its core chip located in a distant cloud]. Baba Yaga was a posthuman messing with the biotechnology [house on chicken legs] and antigravitation transport [flying mortar]. As heartwarming souvenirs from the glorious past, she kept some random artifacts (the ball of yarn which could unwind to a certain location [GPS device], the food-making [food-printing] tablecloth, the magic apple that rolled over a plate and revealed [the output from well-hidden remote webcams] the world's miracles etc). Eventually she donated these artifacts to the uncouth savages just for the fun of it. Three-(5,7,12)-headed dragon might have been a self-repairing biorobot, which is why one had to cut off all its heads at once. And so on, and so on 

The last encouragement for such article might have been this great site: One just can't help playing the advocatus diaboli to offset the happy extrapolation spree.