Friday, January 13, 2006

Why Turing test?..

Why should the computers pass the Turing test as a proof that they are intelligent?I

f a human intelligence is only a subclass of intelligence as such (and we do not even have a proper and generally accepted definition for it) why do we require a computer to be able to pass for a human as a measure of its (his? hers?) ability to be an intelligent being/entity?

And if we do create an AI that would be able to pass the test for being a human without actually being a human, would we not effectively create a psychotic intelligent being, trying to pass for somebody who he/she/it is not?

Then, let's get this thought to the next level. Are we, as humans, getting psychotic (each in our own ways) when we try to be God-like (whatever definition of goddess we have in our mind) whereas we are, physically, no other than humans and will stay that way? Or is this quest, in the end, going to take as to change ourselves physically? Will the Turing-wise robots have a desire to become human (like in that stupid AI movie)? Or is that just a reflection of our own state of mind?

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