Thursday, July 09, 2009

Twitter Haiku (well, and some micropoetry too)

The ones (till July) which I find more interesting:

little flocks of birds / in azure transparent sky / not a day to die

You cannot enter same river twice / flip over 'to come' and you'll read 'to go' / let the memories take your place / while they still grow

the poetry flows / from cracks in the souls / it takes to be blessed / to write when not stressed

sky that's full of stars / and the chaos that's within / we are in between

it seemed like a voice / I've reached and found a wall / beautiful echo

Feel wordless tonight / my wandering thoughts forgot / return to my mind

turmoil in the soul / either the heart is too quick / or the mind too slow

вся душа вразнос / сердце мчит без тормозов / разум не дорос

hard-resetted phone / and destroyed all my past / what an easy fix!

birds sing in the dark / before the light ever came / there was a music

the words draw contours / the actions add colours / the purpose brings life

love wakes up in the heart / like a child almost ready / to be born / kicking from inside / and smiling already

ducklings in channel / males already advancing / on stupid females

3 knots at its best / sun splinters in the water / murmur of silence

bottom of the night / wind is dancing outside / carefree and wild

reaching deep within / what is flickering therein? / neither Yang nor Yin

I left the haven / few scratches that's all it took / the sea is all mine

Покинула порт / Что мне пара царапин? / Все море - моё

сырое небо / деревья замирают / в объятьях бриза

the sky is all wet / the distant trees are trembling / hugged by the breeze

thunder far away / wants to mark the passing day / bright instead of grey

гром гремит вдали / день, который мы прошли / светится в пыли

pointers to functions / do-it-yourself hand grenade / just point and throw

the world is music / you want to participate? / try singing in tune

color of the wind / and the touch of kindred soul / nothing more than that

the waves try to reach / my feet - but - shy or tired / they keep retreating

the world stays in blue / mixed with gray clad in rain / missing the sunlight

night stitched by lights / from cars lamps stars and windows / from wishful thinking

garden of passions / if not tended properly / turns into jungle

child peering at me / from behind a green train seat / mischief managed!

the sweetest tales / are woven with blood and tears / from stinging nettle

once in a while I have funny feeling / that words can be used to recover the meaning :)

crouch the railway / oh train / but slowly, slowly

pale lights quick shadows / light dreams dim reality / all intertwined

plane rumbling above / for a moment outcries / a desperate heart

рёв самолета / лишь на миг заглушает / сердце в разладе

chilly taste of despair / sultry waves of desire / iceberg on fire

the understanding / starts when I question myself / who I truly am

driving in the heat / dozing off when try not to / dream within a dream

noli me tangere / I'm afraid to disappear / into thin air

at the sunlit roof / doves are tapping messages / with their beaks and feet

you want me to land / on the runway of your hand / make me understand

The verb 'to love' makes little sense / both in the past and future tense

birds try their voices / and make the morning sparkle / with jewels of haiku

at the crossroads / only the moon from all signs / looks into my face

на перекрестке / из знаков только луна / мне смотрит в лицо

the stars are dancing / to the rhythm within my heart / murmuring their songs

my words intertwine / with the phrases of others / and cease to be mine

you're not the wizard / you do your magic from books / but don't give up yet

a quiet morning / my room is bathing in light / like a crystal cave

ты не волшебник / ты колдуешь по книгам / но не сдавайся

тихое утро / комната светом полна / как грот хрустальный

piano playing / whirl of red and yellow leaves / dancing in the sky

whirl of sparkling words / whatever sky it brings me / there's no place like home

words are just symbols / footprints of reality / or blueprints of dreams

the rain is dancing / barefoot on biking lane / only for itself

eternal cadence / from hope to desperation / life as usual

self-referring dream / endless sticky Möbius strip / waiting for the flies

twilight in chaos / no longer trust my own thread / it's part of this maze

night tiptoes around / shy to tell it's time to sleep / and she waits for you

singularity / from darkness to dance of light / from chaos to love

bicycles swarming / around railway stations / catching sun glimpses

The rest is here :)

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